Migrate mailboxes between Office 365 tenants

Our company acquired some smaller companies lately and since most of them are working in Office 365 I am tasked for a smooth integration. With this blog I want to give some basic tips and address things which can be easily overlooked. Continue reading “Migrate mailboxes between Office 365 tenants”

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Automate tasks secure with Powershell against Office 365

Part 1: Create a service account
In order to run a script we will use a separate service account. Create this account in Active Directory without additional permissions but with a strong password. In Office 365 I made this account Exchange Administrator for demo purposes but you can limit permissions depending on the tasks you want to automate. Continue reading “Automate tasks secure with Powershell against Office 365”

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Bulk assign custom Office 365 licenses via Powershell

I came up to create this easy script (with a little bit of help) because I wanted to bulk assign users an E3 license but without assigning Exchange Online functionality. The scripts I found on the internet were way to complex or just not working.

You can have several reasons why you do not want to assign every part of the license to a user. In my case mailboxes for this customer would not be migrated to Office 365 for the next months and therefor I don’t want Office 365 to create a mailbox for these users. Continue reading “Bulk assign custom Office 365 licenses via Powershell”

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