Remove the Store and Yammer app from the app launcher in Office 365

Last year Microsoft made the decision to activate Yammer on every new and existing tenant by default to encourage using it. Not everyone is happy with this and therefor I will describe how you can manage this from an admin’s point of view. Also many companies want to disable the access to the Office 365 store and remove the app that goes with it.
By default, when a user is assigned an E3 license and is logged into the portal the default app view will be something like this (depending on extra licenses you might have).


Remove the Yammer app
Since it’s activated by default there is unfortunately no easy switch which allows you to hide or view the Yammer app for users. This doesn’t mean you can’t remove it so therefor here are 2 ways you can use to remove it from the app launcher.

Option 1: By using a Powershell script. This script will remove the Yammer license for every user which is licensed in Office 365. Note that all other subscriptions of the license will remain enabled. Note: When you already have disabled plans like Sharepoint you need to make a small modification in the script since it will be re-activated when running this script. More on how to do this later on the blog.


Step 1: Download the script as above and extract + save it to let’s say c:\temp.
Step 2: Start up Powershell and connect to Office 365.
Step 3: Navigate to c:\temp by typing cd c:\temp
Step 4: Type .\Remove_Yammer_License.ps1

If you already have some disabled plans you need to provide them in this part of the script to keep them disabled

$NewSkU = New-MsolLicenseOptions -AccountSkuId $CurrentSku -DisabledPlans YAMMER_ENTERPRISE

If you want to provide more disabled plans you can do so by adding a , in between the plans like this -DisabledPlans @(“YAMMER_ENTERPRISE”,”SHAREPOINTENTERPRISE”)

Option 2:
Users can unpin the Yammer app (and other apps) themselves. This is how you do it:

Step 1: Click on the dots in the left upper corner and select “View all my apps”.pic4
Step 2: Move your mouse onto the Yammer app, click the 3 dots and choose “Unpin from the app launcher”

Remove the Store app
Removing the store app is a much simpler task because since a couple of weeks/months there is a setting which can disable it for everyone immediately.

Step 1: Log in as a Global Administrator and go to Settings, Apps and select “Store”.

Step 2: By default, access is allowed to the store but you can change the switch to “off”. Now click on save and you are done!

When a user will login again these 2 apps will be removed.

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